Every door we step through, every decision we make puts us exactly where we are meant to be. This is my story, this is “my dash”.

I am a woman-owned, small production winemaker, born and raised in Miami, Florida, of Cuban descent where my roots and culture shaped and influenced my appreciation for wine.

Soils, farming practices, and patience would become my center. In 2013, West Coast bound and unsure of how my journey would unfold, the beauty of Northern California fueled this next chapter. Self-taught, motivated with intention, my first wine would be born in 2014, from organically sourced Sonoma Valley fruit, full of wide-eyed expression and hopeful of the many more vintages that follow.

With a low intervention philosophy that focuses on working with organic, or sustainably farmed vineyards, I look to encourage pure and vibrant varietal expressions. A minimalist at heart, and sensorily vigilant, my wines see ambient yeast, and bacteria fermentation, with a light hand in the cellar. My aim is to highlight a distinction between time, place, and the diversity of what our changing climate offers. Soils and a strong base of healthy grapes are what I believe to be the start of a varietally expressive wine. I also believe in being fully hands-so yes, these are truly handcrafted wines that include hand harvesting, hand sorting, at times a bit of good ol’ foot treading, and most importantly being fully present.

Each harvest brings a new inspiration, capturing time and place. I love how community-driven wine is, how it evokes memories, and highlights its unapologetic nature of diversity.  I also love varietals that can showcase their ability to express both their feminine and masculine sides with a beautiful vibrancy.

I hope you come to find like I did – that one courageous decision to follow your passion can change everything. I also hope you enjoy these wines as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

Cary Quintana, Winemaker
~Cary Q Wines is a Hispanic and Woman-Owned Winery~